Saturday, July 04, 2009

Where am I politically speaking?

Well I don't know how good the poll is but I found this one care ofr Kiwiblog and it put me slightly below the median of Auhouritatian and Libitarian and 7.1 towards the left.

So I guess I follow the typical leftish way of speaking in an independant way from the official Labour policy. Labour seems to split people off and in recent times they have lost those who formed the ACT party, the Greens, and the Alliance.

The only way National stayed in power for so many years was the first past the post system which disenfranchised so many.Those concentrations of left wing supporters such as Mt Albert whose vote would have been more use in other electorates.
Sharing the health dollar with the private sector.

This is raising blood pressure in the Labour camp and their blog ... which is such a pity that Labourites are so blind with their black and white approach to the subject.
There are many people in the country being conn'd by the health insurance industry with low premiums when they are young and healthy and spat out effectively by greatly increased premiums when they reach retirement age ... makes sense of course becuase they likely need more treatment in their old age. But the truely responsible system would have whole-of-life premiums.
There is only one way this can be done and that is to have either the government or an SOE organisation handle it with everybody paying in according to their means.

The black and white Labour approach is pure ideological stupidity.

Friday, June 05, 2009

Back here after being moderated off a blog site where the owner didn't like me [wanking as she put it] going on in a similar manner to what she does most of the time. Except she uses the 'f' word quite a lot. She suggested if I wanted to wank on I should get my own site ... fair enough except I thought I was providing a reasoned argument pointing out where she had gone wrong ... so she moderated me out. Not the first time folk have objected to my comments on the web.

Anyway the subject was a media report about an alleged rape which had included the word 'rape'. Obviously some rash editor bucking the PC and bringing joy to a feminist's heart.

My interest is less what words were used in the report but the lack of action by bystanders to stop the act. I guess my opening para wasn't exactly inclined to calm the femine breast ,, whatever ....

Ideologically Impure
I am suprised at your apparent limited comprehension, perhaps I should sprinkle a few 'f' words through my answers to help you.
I can see our interests are different.
Whereas you think that the use of the word to describe the act is important, I am concerned that the citizens stood by and did nothing to stop the act, that the act continued without interuption from your report.
Is it better to describe the act using one particularly emotive word, and hail a sucess that it was used by a print media outlet, or to discuss the failure of the law/citizens to hinder or stop the act as it progressed, instead of watching horrified.
I have twisted your approach to the more important aspect of the case in my view. I am just a mere male and could be expected to perhaps have a different attitude to the act. But I ask why was it permitted to take place and to be charitable to the watchers I can only think that the woman involved didn't object to the act in an understandable way to the watchers, a second reason could be the relative physical size of watchers compared to the the alleged rapist. Another thought comes to me that in a society which for decades has been nursed from the womb to the tomb we expect somebody else to correct matters, we ring the police to apprehend the alleged offender, when actually a restrained interuption of the act would have been more appropriate. I am fortunate to have never been assaulted so I cannot speak from a victims point of view.
Was the use of the word one small step forward for feminists? What is a word but a symbol to describe an act or thing. If the act is disgusting then surely any word or combination of words will do. So long as we know what act happened.
So I don't share your apparent delight at what might be political correctness being overcome.

So if anybody reads this I wonder what you think ......

Monday, November 17, 2008

Hats off to Mr Key for his astute negotiations which have got the Maori Party onside to balance and remove his dependancy on the ACT Party to govern. I'm sure Mr Hyde is somewhat miffed at this development.

The sad thing is the way the media has painted Sir Roger, with the public letting itself be misled, into the devil incarnate. Completely forgetting that his common sense socialism got the country out of the poo in the eighties and but for the infamous cup-of-tea the Labour party could well have had a two decade rule instead of being thrown out for its in fighting at the end of the eighties.

I can see that John Key simply cannot afford to have it suggested that Sir Roger has any input becuase of the public's concept of Sir Roger's worth, it would loose too many votes.

It is ironical that in the eighties the departing leaders of the Labour Party were part of the cup-of-tea brigade while the new leaders supported Roger Douglas. With some of the media talking about National moving to the right it is fair to ask if both parties are shifting the centre line to the right. So often in recent years I have heard Labour politicians spouting the catchwords from ACT of the nineties. It is rather fun altogether.

Friday, November 14, 2008

It must be a little frustrating for Rodney Hide and ACT that National is cultivating the Maori Party becuase with them on board John Key has his majority without ACT and so ACTs position is little better than when in opposition.

Still I think it is sad that Rogernomics is such a swear word with most of the population that John Key is forced to exclude Sir Roger out of reasons of self preservation. Sir Roger got the country moving in the eighties and one can only hope he has the answer to our current problems and will be taken notice of .. descretely if not openly.
A NYT article about pollution in the northern hemisphere ends with the comment that if simply for health reasons something should be done about it.

Perhaps nature is creating this in a way to reduce the effect of endless copulation which is over populating Earth.
If Prince Chgarles is fed up with kiwikids asking him what it is like to be a prince and doesn't want to come here them we should pick another member of the Royals ... perhaps the one who has lived and taught here .. I forget his name ..Edward?

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Since the government has been giving the Maori tribes loads of money why do the Maori not look after the poorer members of their tribes and counter the rapacious activities of banks foreclosing on poor Maori having trouble meeting mortgage payments due to inflation and escalating the outstanding payments with various fees and valuations.

In supporting their tribal members I would expect them to help also to keep them on a straight and narrow path to financial stability. Budgetry advice etc.

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I am puzzled about Georgia ... as I understand it the Georgian military invaded the provinces thinking that Russia would hold back. They didn't and continue to maintain military presence to safeguard them from the Georgian forces.

Next Russia recognises them as new independant states. That is funny as Russia has usually been the 'take-over' power .... yet the countries which support freedom and self determination .. generally speaking the West .... are refusing to to recognise these new countries,

All very puzzling.


Monday, August 25, 2008

I think it is sad and amusing that fifty percent of our population believe the mis-information about secret agendas. Of course it isn't mis-information but the concept that only the National Party members have secret agendas.

Everybody politicians and joe muggins has views that are not party policy and/or politically acceptable.

Then there is the curfuffle about $50 tolls ... you pay that much if you use the road, and don't if you do not.


Saturday, August 16, 2008

"The truly green solution is to close the loop between manufacturing and recycling: reusing the old we so quickly and happily toss away to make the new. "

which is a generalised modification of the New York Times editorial talking about the heralded as green, the new corn phones, plastic made out of corn, which said .....

The truly green solution for electronics makers is to close the loop between manufacturing and recycling: reusing the plastics we so quickly and happily toss away to make new cellphones.

As a sometime model engioneer I really enjoy the warm fuzzy feeling when I manage to re-use some of the mountain of junk I have accumualted "becuase it looked to be useful for something, too good to throw away"

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